Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fall Hustle and Bustle

Today was a day filled with errands that required me to venture out during the middle hours of the day, and I found it to be filled with more chaos than anticipated.  Not my own, necessarily, but the chaos created by too many people cramped into too little space, which too much to do in too little time.  Yes, Autumn has arrived, and with it the influx of snowbirds.  Add to that, the drop in temperature here in the "valley of the sun" means locals emerging from their air-conditioned homes, like bears coming out of hibernation.  Combine the two, and you have an afternoon of Frogger-like driving maneuvers and the need for a valium.

This brings me to the question:  What makes people so angry while they are driving?  And why do they feel it is necessary to share that anger with others on the roadways with them, via horn honking, road rage, swooping or single finger salutes?  It baffles me.  

Another thing that baffles me:  Females wearing strapless tops with bras that are not strapless.  These are just a few things that run through my mind as I go through my day.  And much like the angry drivers spreading the "love" mentioned earlier...I choose to share my thoughts with those of you who stop by for a visit.

As always, live life with enthusiasm.  


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  1. I totally agree. i enjoyed reading your Blog. You have a way with words. Blog on.