Thursday, October 21, 2010

Simple Things

Since starting this blog, the pressure has been on to find exciting or noteworthy things about which to write.  (The pressure is entirely self-inflicted, of course).  I feel I should warn my readers; as this is my first official blog, I have yet been able to ascertain just what makes something exciting or noteworthy.  It seems rather subjective-what I may find worth writing about may be trivial to another.  Until I had something I call an "aha!" moment-I follow blogs because I am interested in what other people find interesting.   This is, I now realize,  the beauty of blogging!

Tonight I was reminded of something else I find beauty in:  the simple things in life.  Tonight I sat outside in the chilly evening air (68 degrees is considered chilly here in the Southwest).  I had just savored a lovely dinner of cedar-planked salmon with some steamed asparagus, and my husband had built a fire in the fire pit.  The smoke curled around us and up into the air, as though it carried the day's worries away. As I sat there and let out a sigh, I felt muscles I hadn't realized were tense release and relax.  I fancied that the smoke from the fire was due to some magical spell cast with the intent to make me surrender.  Surrender to the moment, and the peace of the evening.  I had forgotten how profound something so simple can be....surrender.

Hurry, hurry, hurry...Got no time to dilly-dally... 

It is so easy to get caught up in the daily grind-we forget that life doesn't have to be about a to-do list.  Often times we live to work, when what we really should do is work to live.  Europeans have it right.  There is magic in the simple things life has to offer. And there is beauty in surrender.

As always, live life with enthusiasm.


  1. Also on the list of simple pleasures: smor's.

  2. I think that was well written. And i have to say, I agree. We all get so caught up with the rush of every day things, we tend to forget to leave stuff at the door. I, myself, am guilty of that. The simpler things we enjoy, make the hectic rush of the day easier to bear, knowing we have that waiting for us at the end of the day.Thank you for reminding us.
    :) Melanie