Sunday, April 17, 2011

Double Features and Indulgence

     What do you do when you wake up late on a warm, breezy Sunday afternoon, and realize that miraculously you have no honey-do's pending, no errands to run? This is a question that ambled into my sleepy brain this morning-a question I felt deserved serious consideration.  Serious consideration that lasted for, goodness-perhaps 30 seconds-before the answer teased me to full alertness.  Cinema Sunday!!

     There is a small Mom and Pop run cinema a short jaunt down the road from me, and this morning I recalled a "Sunday Special" they ran year-round.  All movies all day long were a mere five dollars-and when you are on a very limited budget like I am, that can be a beautiful thing, indeed!  Due to extenuating circumstances, my movie viewing has sadly decreased by appalling numbers the last several months.  This was my day to take in a flick and catch up.

     Upon reaching the theater and approaching the ticket booth, some imp took control and requested a ticket for 2 separate movies, time-slots in immediate succession.  Two movies?  In one day? Did I dare?  Oh, I dared-I threw all caution to the wind and eagerly clutched my two movie tickets in hand.  Cinema Sunday was turning into Double Feature Sunday, and it was glorious!

    I decided to give in to my often sophomoric sense of humor and start my double feature with Your Highness, a movie that lived up to it's hype as being crude, self-deprecating and small budgeted; though it somehow managed to ensnare/cast Natalie Portman--someone of a higher caliber of acting prowess than the rest of the cast.  I suppose everyone likes to slum it on occasion.  Perhaps a script that called for an impressive, yet decidedly creepy, penis to be worn around the neck as a trophy was simply too good to pass up.  Makes one wonder about the "real" Ms. Portman. Hmm...

     Regardless, the movie is what I expected-corny, campy and very much an over-the-top fun filled one and a half hours...that I am grateful I paid a mere five dollars for.

     For the second feature, I decided to go for something slightly more...well...more.  Limitless is something I had wanted to see since it had been released several weeks ago, mostly because it showcases Bradley Cooper.  Anything that showcases Bradley Cooper is something to be grateful for-I find the man positively drool-worthy and will cross swords with anyone who dares say otherwise!  Or I would if I owned a sword.  At the very least I will engage said person in a most heated discussion!!

     I exited the first theater and took my place in what was now a lengthy concession stand line to refresh my beverage and indulge in a bit of popcorn.  While standing in the lobby, and waiting for my turn at the  counter, I took the time to look around and study my fellow movie goers.  Families, couples, singles, young, was somehow reassuring to see people enjoying their day with some story-telling and escapism.  While I was by myself at the theater, I really did not feel alone.  And that was nice.  After I had my refreshments, I took my seat for the next film and enjoyed both some lovely eye-candy (Thank you Mr. Cooper!), as well as an intriguing story about possibilities.  If you have not yet had the chance to see Limitless, and have the time, I recommend giving it a whirl.

     A brief stop at the local bookstore, and my day was complete.  I headed home, books in hand, and a smile upon my face after having indulged in the type of day that everyone needs, yet so few take advantage of.  I certainly hadn't taken advantage of a day like today in quite some time.  I had forgotten how rejuvenating and inspiring a day like today can be.   And I am grateful for the reminder.

As always, live life with enthusiasm.


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