Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ten Reasons to Read Books

I have been an avid reader ever since I could speak the word "Seuss", so it is no surprise that as an adult I enjoy my position as a bookseller.  Stumbling upon a new author who spins a gripping story is like that scary blind date, in which you are surprised to find that you can hold an intelligent and stimulating conversation with the person you just met.  That feeling of excitement and exhilaration as you gently turn the pages, the plot thickening...there is nothing like it.

Though it astounds me whenever I meet a person who tells me "Oh, I don't read", it probably should not when most prefer to text.  Speaking of texting, while I partake in this pastime frequently myself, allow me to state my overall view:

 Texting and online chatting is destroying the majority of America's ability to read and write properly-including their verbal and social skills.

READ America!  It's fabulous, I promise you!  As proof, I offer this list of ten reasons how reading will improve your life:

  1. Reading improves your vocabulary. (Seriously, those of us who do partake of the pastime, can tell).
  2. Reading allows you to travel all over the world-if you have a library card, the journey is FREE!
  3. Reading stimulates the brain, keeping it active and assisting with memory issues.
  4. Did you know that a book can teach you how to fix a leaky faucet, speak a foreign language, or manage your finances in a  more efficient manner?  I do not lie.
  5. Reading reduces ignorance, and therefore potentially reduces racism, intolerance.  (By saying you choose not to read is the same thing as saying you choose ignorance.)
  6. Reading is FUN!  You just have to find the right books that you resonate with-ask different people what they are currently reading, and I bet you find something that piques your interest quickly.
  7. Reading can make you more employable.
  8. Reading helps you connect with family, especially if you turn it into a family pastime.
  9. Reading arms you with fantastic conversation starters!
  10. Reading is sexy.  
Now you have ten perfectly good reasons to go pick up a book-new and exciting adventures await you!

If you have more reasons why everyone should read, I would love to hear about them-so please leave a comment!

As always, live life fearlessly.

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