Saturday, December 31, 2011


The New Year is upon us, and so we say goodbye to the old in order to make room for the new.  For some of us, it is with a thankful heart we leave trials and troubles in the past; for some of us it is with trepidation for what lies ahead.  If you are a die hard who puts stock into the "2012 World's End" belief, I imagine you fall into the latter.  For myself, I find myself somewhere in the middle.  There was a great deal of change in 2011 for me.  Old hats from previous jobs dusted off and doffed once again, adulthood long careers left behind with early medically required early retirement, family leaving and then returning, babies being born.  Some of it scary, some of it thrilling, some of it still taking shape.

I haven't blogged as frequently as I promised myself I would, but I felt that I couldn't let 2011 slip away without a nod if recognition.  And while I am not one of the many who are stockpiling canned goods, bottled water and burying weaponry in the desert to prepare for the end of the world, I cannot ignore the nudge in my gut that says prepare.  Prepare for what, I have no idea.  But with a year of such political change (has anyone else noticed the volume of deaths of leaders that has a history of conflict with the USA?), such technological advances, and more--it is certain there will be a great deal more change ahead than many are comfortable with.  As one who understands that I have little to no control over the change, I ask you-why worry about it?  Energy spent worrying is energy taken away that could be used to be in the present, to enjoy life now.

The birth of my great-nephew and niece have reminded me of how important it is to remain present.  When we are stuck in our heads, we miss so much! Each laugh, tear, and breath is precious-regardless if you are 6 months old, or 90 years old. LIFE is precious.  It is our purpose on this planet, to live. 

On this New Years Eve, I challenge each of you to make a promise to yourself to practice being present this new year. Do not allow yourself to become so rooted in fear in your life that you stop living.  Take chances, step outside of your comfort zone, and tell people you love them.  Don't wait, for tomorrow may never happen.  All we have is this moment...

I am using this moment to enjoy my margarita as I embrace 2012 with open arms, and shout "I am ready!"

...I am ready.

Much Love-and as always, life fearlessly.

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